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Children and partners are more than welcome!

For kids aged 4 to 11, the whole week will be a celebration! Send your parents off to the workshops and hurry to the most fun children’s programme in France. No obligations and you will be allowed to do (almost) anything!

Every day, you will be entertained by the nicest and most cheerful facilitator. Exploring the forest, gathering branches, leaves and rocks that can be used to make beautiful creations and of course, dancing with your bare feet in the grass or drawing on giant size canvases. At the end of the week, you will have created a performance for everyone to admire.

There are lots of things you can do in your free time on the Citron et Papillon site. What about building dams in the river, taking a refreshing shower under the waterfall, brewing witches’ potions from all the wild flowers, relaxing in the hammock, playing football (soccer), practicing your summersaults on the trampoline, building huts in the forest, catching insects… the list is endless.

In addition, you can make friends with all the animals at Citron et Papillon. Chocolate the dog loves playing ball with you, three cats snooze in the sun. And what about a trip to the chicken coop to see if there are any fresh eggs. Victor the donkey will greet you every day with his loud braying if you bring him a carrot. Some weeks, “the Ladies” will come to visit us, these are real Limousin cows that belong to a farmer in the neighbourhood, who grazes his cows here.

There will be a children’s tent, where you can come in your free time to draw, read books, dress up as your favourite fantasy personality and play games. In short, anything is possible.

For children younger than 4 years or older than 11 years, there is no specific children’s programme this year.

vacances d’art au bord de la rivière Dordogne

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